S&P Global affirm Strong Aircraft Servicer Ranking and Stable Outlook for ORIX Aviation

ORIX Aviation announce that S&P Global Ratings have affirmed our Strong overall ranking on ORIX Aviation Systems Ltd as an aircraft servicer in Ireland, the ranking outlook is stable.

According to S&P Global’s report, the Strong Aircraft Servicer Ranking for ORIX Aviation reflected the company’s solid track record of lease management, its experienced leadership team and ORIX Aviation’s delivery of key metrics on credit risk management throughout the recent pandemic.

ORIX Aviation CEO James Meyler commented; “We are pleased that S&P Global have reaffirmed our Strong Ranking, the highest ranking available, accompanied by a Stable Outlook. Coming as it does almost three years since our last ratings report, this affirmation endorses many of the actions we have taken to meet the difficult challenges brought by the pandemic. As the demand for global air travel rebounds, I remain confident that ORIX Aviation is well placed to benefit from the sector’s recovery.”