Bloomberg: “ORIX Aviation Confident of Achieving $2.5b Purchase Target: CEO”

(Bloomberg) — ORIX Aviation CEO James Meyler says the company has a “lot in the pipeline,” making him confident of achieving $2.5b acquisition target next financial year, starting April 1.

  • Aiming to grow company’s fleet of aircraft to 300-400 from about 233 in March 2019; targeting 320 aircraft by March 2021, Meyler said in interview in Tokyo last week
  • World aircraft fleet will have to double in next 20 years to meet demand from growing middle class in emerging markets: Meyler
  • This financial year, ORIX Aviation, a subsidiary of Japan’s ORIX Corp., expects to have acquired $2.1b of aircraft or 33 units, and have sold $2.5b of aircraft or 54 units
  • In an email on Monday, Meyler said he doesn’t expect the company’s long-term aircraft management plans to be affected by the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 crash on Sunday
  • NOTE: ORIX Aviation’s business focuses on aircraft trading, asset management and re-leasing rather than ordering new planes from manufacturers.

Original article appeared on Bloomberg Japan: